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Comprehensive Business & Workforce Disaster Recovery

About Us

Business & Workforce Recovery Solutions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization. We are a one-stop shop to guide and counsel business clients (for profit and non-profit), workers, and families through disaster or personal crisis by providing proactive solutions for disaster/crisis recovery and preparedness. In addition to business consulting assistance, we will help clients with their recovery and healing process in mind, body, and spirit.  Personal growth, life transformation, and recovery is a focus for business leaders, individuals, and families.

In a case management approach, our one-stop shop is designed to mentor, consult, counsel, guide and train our business clients, workers, and families. We help them navigate through the maze of resources that are available to meet their needs while filling any remaining gaps when the needed services are not currently provided. Assisting and training impacted aspiring entrepreneurs and those in the workforce is included in the programming.

Educational Programming Services - Additionally, we provide educational programming - training and coaching to assist individuals, nonprofits, businesses, schools, agencies, and communities with growth and advancement.

Services & Activities

Our case management services, and programming can include business consultants, trainers, life coaches, chaplains/pastors/clergy, mental health/pastoral counselors, freedom/grief specialists, disaster experts, business counselors, health providers (nutrition, wellness, stress management, exercise, primary care, health education), mentors, prayer partners, and others who might need to be involved to holistically assist each individual.

We also have an educational programming professional services division that offers training workshops, one-on-one training and coaching, and other education activities on a variety of topics for a reasonable fee. Our interactive educational programming can be presented by in-person, hybrid, and online modalities. We serve people of all ages, including: individuals, nonprofits, businesses, schools, organizations, agencies, and communities.

  • Connecting our clients with existing government, state, local, and non-profit organization resources in preparation for disaster, or when they have been impacted by disaster or life crisis.

  • Assisting them to improve financially and to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually - in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Providing education and training for disaster preparation and recovery and for life transformation.

  • Connecting clients to the appropriate business services and workplace resources offered by others or providing business technical assistance services that are not offered or accessible by other organizations.

  • Offering a one-stop shop resource center for businesses, families, workers, and impacted communities.

  • Coaching and guiding clients through personal and business transformation with a holistic and faith-based perspective.

  • Providing family economic recovery, health, and wellbeing programming as needed to support vulnerable communities following disaster or crisis.

  • Providing our clients with comprehensive business, workforce, and family economic recovery case management services.

  • Any other related services to assist our clients with personal growth to be the best person they can be.

We can offer other services as needed to help our clients.

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Our Mission

To provide long-term preparedness, response, and recovery case management services and programming, to businesses (for profit and non-profit), business owners, their families and employees who are confronting natural, man-made, economic, or technological disasters and personal or life crises that might impact their productivity and success. To assist displaced workers, independent contractors, sole proprietors, or others who might need help with healing, recovery, and life transformation assistance. To assist with family economic recovery, health, and wellness in vulnerable communities. To educate and coach individuals, organizations, and communities to assist with growth and advancement.

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