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Hurricane Season

The 2020 Hurricane season was tough for Southwest Louisiana. Many businesses, workers, and families are still recovering from Hurricane’s Laura and Delta. Even during the recovery, it is still vitally important that you ensure your preparedness for the next hurricane season.

In addition to the routine hurricane preparedness steps, which we remind you of below, there are additional things to consider.

  • Debris can be a big concern in high winds. With all the construction materials in yards and ditches around the area, please take precautions to tie down or weight down materials when possible.

  • Flooding continues to be a big concern in Southwest Louisiana. To the extent you have ability, please see that culverts in drainage areas near your home and business are cleared of debris which could obstruct water flow.

  • Travel trailers and storage containers are in neighborhoods throughout our area as people rebuild their homes and businesses. These are often not tied down properly to sustain hurricane force winds. Please consider in advance what precautions you might take for such temporary living and storage facilities.

  • Evacuation planning should include COVID-19 considerations. Not all areas have the same requirements regarding masks, social distancing, and business restrictions. Be prepared for these differences as you enter different communities.

  • Taking pictures of your home or business in advance of a hurricane is particularly important at this time. Because rebuilding continues from the 2020 season, insurance companies may need proof that work was complete if there is another round of similar damage.

Preparation Tips

  • Review your insurance policy before there is a named storm in the Gulf. In most cases, you will not be able to add coverage once a storm is named. This must be done in advance.

  • Prepare a storm kit. These must be updated each year, to ensure that the batteries are fresh and that no food supplies are expired. Some of the items to include in a storm kit include flashlight, batteries, canned food, manual can opener, bottled water, medication, first aid kit, insurance policy information multiple contact numbers, and extra phone charger.

  • Plan for evacuation needs. Have extra bedding available if you plan to use a public shelter.

  • Have a battery-powered radio to receive updates. Even if you evacuate, you may need this at a shelter or hotel, which could also be impacted to the extent that power is lost for a period.

  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of your home or business for potential insurance needs.

  • Most importantly, consider any special needs that you or your family may have and plan for those needs. We can replace buildings and contents, but not each other.

Additional Resources

Business & Workforce Recovery Solutions is here to help. We will recover together, and we will be prepared together. We are stronger together. Find additional information at the links below.

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Reference: Compiled from National Weather Service and other sources.