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Our mission is to provide comprehensive, collaborative support for business, nonprofit, and workforce disaster recovery in Southwest Louisiana.

As in our first two projects, the Phase Three - Southwest Louisiana Recovery Project for Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Workers, Families, and Individuals is primarily funded by a grant from the United Way of Southwest Louisiana. The project scope is to develop collaborative relationships with non-profit agencies, professionals, governmental, and faith-based organizations to provide comprehensive disaster recovery assistance to small businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, individuals, independent contractors, part-time business owners, workers, and their families in the five-parish area of Southwest LA.

By making personal contacts and hearing disaster and crisis stories, project leaders will identify unmet recovery needs and help to make the right connections or provide professional services to aid the client in the recovery process.

This comprehensive, collaborative approach includes a robust outreach effort, a keen listening component, a compassionate heart, and a holistic posture toward disaster recovery and future growth. We care about our client’s (YOUR) story and that’s where it all starts. In May 2022, we completed the first phase of the SWLA Recovery Project. We will continue our disaster and crisis recovery and growth efforts in the Phase Three Project from July 2023 to June 2024.

As a non-profit organization we are grateful for the ongoing partnership with Unite Us to be able to utilize the coordinated care network online platform, free of charge. We are thankful for the ongoing financial support of the United Way of Southwest Louisiana.

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We want to hear YOUR story! To apply for assistance, please complete the short Client Intake Form below. In addition to the services listed on the Client Intake Form, we offer other services in the Entrepreneurship and Business category, such as: Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Training, Business Technical Assistance, Support Groups, etc.

If you are not sure of an answer or need more assistance, we can assist. Please do the best that you can to fill out the Client Intake Form. Once you've completed the Step #1 Client Intake Form you must complete Step #2, by signing the Client Release Form below. After reviewing your Client Intake Form responses and receiving your Client Release Form, we will contact you for the next steps in the application process. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Client Release Form

After completing Step #1, the Client Intake Form above, you must also review and sign the Client Release Form. This form provides consent to participate in the Business and Workforce Recovery Solutions, Inc. Non-Profit Organization Network.

Client Release Form

By consenting, you agree to share information with a Network of business, workforce, social services, and governmental agency service partners. Your personal information may be shared securely in the Network in accordance with privacy laws to connect you with services.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Business and Workforce Recovery Solutions, Inc. (Business Workforce Recovery) and its employees, board of directors, and collaborators from any and all liability that may arise related to your participation in the Non-profit organization and its Network. You understand that Business Workforce Recovery is not liable or responsible in any way for and does not guarantee any outcome, but rather is a resource providing guidance and counseling based on your particular needs. You may choose whether or not to take the advice of Business Workforce Recovery and its partners are a resource and have no liability for the advice whether or not you choose to follow it.

You also understand that your personal information will be shared utilizing a third-party platform and that Business Workforce Recovery will comply with all applicable laws regarding personally identifiable information and notification, but that to the extent any unauthorized data breach of disclosure of information is made by one of Business Workforce Recovery’s partners or third-party affiliates, Business Workforce Recovery shall have no liability to you for said breach.

You further understand that you may opt-out of any of the services or activities made available to you by Business Workforce Recovery by stating your desire not to participate in the particular service or activity. Business Workforce Recovery does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, religion or any other protected basis.

This consent covers all information shared by you or by anyone that has the right to share information on your behalf. You can always limit the information you provide on the Network by requesting to have it removed.

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